Thursday, February 23, 2017

Empress Miniatures: New Paul Hicks - Late War World War Two American GIs First of Many!

Empress Miniatures: Well, this is a big day here at Empress Miniatures, and one that sees the release of a significant new range for us. Starting with  Late War World War Two American GIs!

Firstly a little history. We first met Paul Hicks back in Empress's pre-history when he was the sculpting talent and part owner of an exciting new miniatures company called Bolt Action. His work during this time played a significant part in establishing what has become one of the dominant scales for World War Two gaming. Indeed many of Paul's World War Two figures are considered definitive to this day.

28mm World War Two has always been on the list for Empress (indeed our Italians represent our first steps in this direction) and we felt there were some serious gaps in what is currently available. Beyond this we were sure we aren't alone in wanting to see Paul back to one of his first loves and producing beautiful second world war sculpts again! We've been quietly waiting until we all felt it was the right time to take this step ... 

So where do we start?  Our ranges start with Late War World War Two American GIs. There are in the M43 uniform so suitable from autumn 1944 onward. Holland, Belgium, Ardennes, Hurtgenwald, Germany and all points between. This initial release is just the spearhead and we have more due imminently, including .30cal teams, bazooka teams, more infantry etc. 

These will also work perfectly for Korea and, at a push, French Indo-China too. You can expect to see more releases very soon, along with painted examples etc. We will be approaching these in typical Empress style with a lot of depth and options allowing you to field really attractive and comprehensive armies on the table. We might also have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

These are size-compatible with all current World War Two ranges, particularly those already sculpted by Paul! We will be producing everything you need for the most popular World War Two rules (Chain of Command, Bolt Action etc.). We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on this range so please get in touch and let us know what you think.

Not-So-Bored Games: Pandemic Viral Outbreak - Plastic Science Fiction Miniatures Kickstarter

Not-So-Bored Games launched their Apocalyptic Upgrades: Viral Outbreak Kickstarter to fund some cool plastic miniatures, sculpted by Chad Hoverter, perfect for upgrading Pandemic and other board and miniature games!

Apocalyptic Upgrades: Viral Outbreak" is a themed collection of 28mm miniatures. These could be used for a number of things, like your own board game prototype, simply to paint and display or to replace wooden pawns found in some of your favorite games like Pandemic or Forbidden Island. 

Chad Hoverter of DMG Miniature Factory has created some beautiful and prominent sculptures for some of our favorite board games (Mice and Mystics, Cthulhu Pandemic Investigators, the recently funded VAST as well as the currently running Heroes of Land, Air & Sea). We are so very excited he has joined us to help create our line of themed miniature upgrade kits.

Not-So-Bored Games: Pandemic Viral Outbreak - Plastic Science Fiction Miniatures Kickstarter

Not-So-Bored Games: Pandemic Viral Outbreak - Plastic Science Fiction Miniatures Kickstarter

The Miniatures!

They currently have two of the twenty three sculpted figures, created as prototypes/proof-of-concept for the project. Once the campaign is complete these will immediately move to production as the other characters will be designed and sculpted straight-away by the mentionned artists.

The miniatures will be made in soft plastic PVC 100 material. Although named soft plastic, the used material will be at the higher end of quality and will ressemble the Descent: Journeys in the Dark according to the creators. The production will be done in China but supervised by an experience local team member to check on quality and other features. In the pictures below you can see the artwork of the first two characters available along with their sculptures. The miniatures as shown below have been traditionally hand-sculpted by Chad Hoverter perfectly capturing the character and detail of the artwork drawn  by talented artist Jens Bengtsson.

You can explore the full Kickstarter here to see more of the upcoming characters which are also very suitable for your science fiction and horror miniature roleplaying and wargames!

Not-So-Bored Games: Pandemic Viral Outbreak - Plastic Science Fiction Miniatures Kickstarter

Not-So-Bored Games: Pandemic Viral Outbreak - Plastic Science Fiction Miniatures Kickstarter

Not-So-Bored Games: Pandemic Viral Outbreak - Plastic Science Fiction Miniatures Kickstarter

Modiphius Entertainment: Ravage - Dungeons of Plunder - Anti-Hero Dungeon Crawl Kickstarter

Modiphius Entertainment: Ain't no Heroes in this game, you play a band of Blackroot Orcs delving dungeons for loot and teef, that's right you are smashing in the faces of your enemies for teef! The tile based game is designed and illustrated by artist Ian Schofield (Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Terra Tiles: Misty Moorlands and Coasts & Rivers). Ian from Beardy Brothers Games will be launching the Kickstarter next week. Check for more details here

Sea Dog Game Studios: Sailpower 2.0 6mm Scale Kits Kickstarter - Play Big, or Play Anywhere!

Sea Dog Game Studios: over 10 years, Sailpower's 15mm "fun scale" miniatures game has been enjoyed by hundreds of players at many conventions and game stores. Now, Sea Dog Game Studios wants to take the game small scale, to 6mm.

Sailpower is a rules system that allows you to play the role of Captain or Commodore in the Age of Sail. Those rules allow you to play anything from a small ship battle to a full-fledged open world on your tabletop, complete with ports, exploration, combat, merchant trading, role play as many different historical factions and more.

Our original Sailpower 2.0 15mm models were sculpted by game designer Brian Carnes and crowdfunded in 2013. For this campaign, Brian is collaborating with a master jeweler and wax sculptor to miniaturize his well received designs. Smaller-scale ships will allow big games in a smaller space. We want you to have all the fun of our legendary big-scale convention games on any 6ft table.

Your help is needed to produce new, 6mm models of your favorite Sailpower ships, including the 6-Gun Bermuda Sloop, 8-Gun Flush deck Sloop, 10-Gun Cutter, 10-Gun Brigantine 12-Gun Brig, Galley Frigate, and Baltimore Clipper. You can check the Kickstarter here

Northstar Miniatures: Upcoming Rugu Ruga Musketmen

Northstar Miniatures previewed these upcoming Ruga Ruga!

Northstar Miniatures: Death in the Dark Continent Rugu Ruga Musketmen

Crooked Dice: Upcoming Female Minions and Female Heads

Crooked Dice: Here's a preview of some upcoming releases - Female Minions! Eight bodies and a variety of heads sculpted by the enigmatic Ernst Veingart. These will be available to pre-order or purchase at Salute and will go on general release on 01 May.

Element Games: Element Essentials Range Launch

Element Games released their Essentials Range - Check it here!

Westfalia Fantasy Battles: New Behoolder and Roostmonster

Westfalia Fantasy Battles previewed this Behoolder and Roostmonster.

Dark Maenad Games: New Female Warrior Eliza Released

Dark Maenad Games: I know I am easing into this excruciatingly slowly, but I want to make sure I get it right. To that end let's start with Eliza. Eliza is cast from resin by GRX Creations from a sculpt by Olivier Bouchet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shieldwolf Miniatures: Fantasy Wolf Warden Soldiers Kickstarter Previewed

Shieldwolf Miniatures: The 28mm army of Wolf Wardens will be present in the follow up on the Shieldmaiden Kickstarter. Check them out! 

Shieldwolf Miniatures Wolf Wardens Artwork

Northstar Miniatures: French World War Two Dragon Portes Grenade Launchers

Northstar Miniatures: You wanted Dragon Portes Grenade Launchers!

Alternative Armies: Flintloque Kannonderbuss, Volley Gun, Air Rifle and Blunderbuss

Alternative Armies: Now released the twentieth code in our bits and sprues range. Four 28mm scale black powder weapons used in Flintloque for customing your miniatures or diorama pieces. Ogre Kannonderbuss, Ostarian (historical pattern) Air Rifle, Volley Gun and Dwarf Blunderbuss. Get a sprue or single weapons from it. Click here for the new release or the blog article to the right.

Manorhouse Workshop: RGFX Collaboration: The Dark Crypt (Fog Tower)

Manorhouse Workshop: The collaboration between RGFX and Manorhouse Workshop created its first wonder! An architectural building made by MHW, with the scope of hiding the Fog Machine created by RGFX.

This Fog Machine will allow gaming terrains and dioramas to get an amazing Fog effect to bring the atmosphere to a whole new different level, as you can see on our videos and pictures! The Dark Crypt can be used on its own, or be combined with other existing buildings of various manufacturers.  Here, we created a gaming terrain made of 4 Stone Slabs (3D Bases) for the base, on which we added walls of Forgotten Halls for completing the structure, creating a perfect result for the Dark Crypt hosting the Fog Machine. Of course, while we did use our MHW buildings for such a terrain, nothing prevents your own terrains from other manufacturers. The atmosphere thus generated with RGFX's Fog Machine is eerie and ghostly. Can you imagine a whole gaming session clouded in fog and darkness? We can. 

Spartan Games: Special Halo Fleet and Ground Command Deals Ending Soon

Spartan Games: For a limited time, we have bundled together some great products from both our Halo ranges and we're making them available to you at very special prices. Check them here

Megalith Games: New Kickstarter Godslayer Wyldfolk of Annyr

Megalith Games previewed the Godslayer Wyldfolk of Annyr miniature box content for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Knight Models: Harry Potter Miniature Game - Hermione Granger Preview

Knight Models previewed their latest Harry Potter character for their upcoming Harry Potter, the miniature game. This time Hermione Granger, this model will most likely be released in 35mm metal.

Knight Models: Harry Potter Miniature Game -  Hermione Granger Preview

Missed Knight Models previous Harry Potter updates, make sure to check the awesome miniatures here on Wargame News and Terrain, your daily wargame news blog!

Dark Age Games: New Two Player Forsaken and Dragyri Starter Box Revealed

Dark Age Games: We are very excited! Last week we were able to get our hands on two advance copies of the upcoming 2-player starter set – Path to Glory! We had them on display at the Las Vegas Open.

So there it is! We have two forces that really represent the two most popular factions (Forsaken and Dragyri) and the sci-fi setting of Dark Age. Robots with laser beams against 12′ tall aliens, it doesn’t get much more “sci-fi” than that. Our plan is to release this wonderful boxed set on March 23rd. For us this corresponds with the start of AdeptiCon, so we’ll have a lot of them available at the show. We want this to be out in as many stores as possible for release on that same date. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Last Sword Miniatures: New Tabletop Miniature Ruins and Wall Scenery Released

Last Sword Miniatures released these new scenery pieces featuring cool ruins and walls.

Puppetswar: New Science Fiction Miniatures Previewed

Puppetswar previewed these upcoming miniatures!

The Ion Age: 15mm Shia Khan Pioneers and Free Miniatures

The Ion Age: Now released all the Ion Age new codes for February 2017. The Shia Khan Empire gets some reinforcements! 

Two new packs of 15mm Pioneers and a platoon pack of Pioneers with a special extra free figure in it only found in that platoon pack. Seventeen new poses. Click through to see them and read more. Thanks to everyone for your orders over the weekend and all orders are now on their way globally this week. We will have more releases in March and news on the next book too. GBS

The Ion Age: New 15mm Shia Khan Pioneers and Free Miniatures