Monday, February 19, 2018

Khadrin's Miniatures: New 15-18mm Wargame and Roleplaying Fantasy Civilians

Khadrin's Miniatures: Khadrin's Miniatures" is a french brand of miniatures. The first line will be fantasy villagers, adventurers, furniture,  and more ... These 1/100th scale miniatures (15-18 mm) are hand sculpted and finely detailed by talented sculptor Shumin and then moulded by Griffin  Moulds JJP Ltd in lead free metal. They will please RPG players, as well as skirmish gamers.  No doubt, they'll find a place on painters, diorama makers and collector's shelves too. Check them all here

Breaking! Games Workshop: Blitz Bowl and Space Marine Adventures Boardgames Announced

Games Workshop announced that they're working on two miniature boardgames: Blitz Bowl and  Space Marine Adventures. These quick and fun boardgames will feature easy to assemble miniatures such as Fantasy Football Players and Space Marines.

Blitz Bowl is a new way to play Blood Bowl. The teams are smaller, the games are faster but the action is just as intense, as each player seeks to distinguish themselves in the eyes of Nuffle*  in the infamous Crush recruitment rituals in fast-paced skirmish games.

Space Marine Adventures allows 1-4 players to join forces and attempt to break into a Necron labyrinth. Choose your hero and use each character’s unique skills to battle various deadly hazards, not least of which are the Necron guardians themselves. The easy-build nature of the kits and intuitive game make it suitable for players aged 8 and over – good for anything from family games nights to a quick adventure for a regular gaming club. While this set is a great introduction to the 41st Millennium, each Space Marine in the set is also a unique and dynamic sculpt, making them great additions to an existing collection, too.

Alternative Armies: Next Furioso Book Coming in March Plus Dutch Starter Army Released!

Alternative Armies: Furioso 16th century wargaming news and release.  A new 250 point Dutch starter army is now on the website which comes with all needed element bases included for free.  Have a look at the article for more information.  

There will also be a second book for Furioso in March 2018 written by Steve Danes and first news of this is in the article.  'The Italian Wars' will contain a lot of useful material including solo play, historical scenarios and wondrous inventions so if you want to field Da Vinci's tank you will be able to!  Thanks!  GBS Check the full article here

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Night Miniatures: Predators Occulte Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter Launched and Funded

Night Miniatures: We announced this project some months ago and now we are finally ready to launch the crowfunding campaign for our Obscure team for fantasy football. We created a unique team of 28 different figures with an original design and some nice extra figures to add to your team. All miniatures are sculpted by Crosslances Studio - The size of the miniatures is 32 mm. Check the Kickstarter here

Vexillia: Neal Reid's Somme Campaign Card and Boardgames

Vexillia: Following the release of the Somme Campaign game late last year, Vexillia now have a full range of card & board games from Neal Reid covering the Somme from the first day to the last day of the campaign.

The card games cover just the first day at corps level and are available as pdf versions. With these you can refight all five British attempts to breakthrough on the first day.  Each of the attacks faced very different challenges and was met by varying German responses so each game provides a different challenge.

The board game is one of generalship at army level and is a race against time. Can the British break through and capture Bapaume before the onset of winter?  Can the German defences hold and stymie the British assault with the perfect counter attack? Can you do better?  Available in both print and pdf editions. For more details, free samples and press reaction please visit the Somme Series web page

Sally 4th: Three New Packs of Pulp Figures in Sally 4th's Classic Movie Miniatures Range

Sally 4th: We've just got the next three packs of Classic Movie Miniatures in Stock. We will be shipping these out to Kick Starter backers over the weekend, but if you missed out, we have now got them available for pre-order on our website at a 10% pre-release discount until 28th February. Pre-release orders will ship 1st March.  

CMM04 - Private Investigation - Set contains 4 x 28mm scale metal miniatures including The Gumshoe, The Client, The Egyptian, The Fat Man and a 'black figure of a bird'

CMM05 - Everything but the Goose - Set contains 4 x 28mm scale metal miniatures including The Pilot, The Agent, The Mechanic, The Jack Russel and a bonus statue of a monkey

CMM06 - US Army Nurses - Set contains 4 x 28mm scale metal miniatures depicting WW2 era US Army nurses who have picked up abandoned weapons to aid in a desperate last ditch defense. All packs RRP £10 including plastic bases and wood plank etched slotta bases.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

15mm Skirmish Supplies: 10% Off Forged in Battle at 15mm Skirmish Supplies

15mm Skirmish Supplies: I'm very happy to announce that 15mm Skirmish Supplies is now supplying Forged in Battle's 15mm World War 2 range, all with a 10% discount of RRP as standard. So whether you are looking to reinforce your American Paratroopers; command a Char B1 bis in the Battle for France; or resisting invading forces in the Polish September Campaign there is something here for you.

Victrix: New Plastic Boudica and Chariot Crew Preview

Victrix: Attached a refined Boudica figure with modified face. Also, first of the fighting crew for the chariots without bases, instead they will have plugs on their feet & locating holes on the chariot base. Will include separate bases so the figures can be used as foot troops.

MaxMini Miniatures: 15% Discount Vehicles - Unkle Speedsterz Nitro Promo

MaxMini Miniatures: Unkle Speedster 'ere! Today me has got sumthin special for all ov ya petrol lovers. Get yerself read fot  Unkle Speedsterz Nitro Promo!!! That's right! It's a fuel-injected, petrol-drenched turbo-boosted car sale! Did I say "car"??? 

Heck no! It's an all vehicle sale!!! And Unkle Speddster's got it all! Sport cars, pickups, motorbikes, quads, jetbikes, mechs, tanks, and even rocket pigs for all ya swine lovers. Don't have to mention that almost every of my fine vehicles comes with a dakka, do I? Cuz there iz only one thing better than a good ride: a good and shooty ride, hahahaaa!!! Y'all better hurry, cuz this promo will last for 7 dayz only! You better be Fast!!!!

Element Games: New Discounted Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Sets

Element Games launched the discounted pre-order for the new very limited edition Black Library's Eisenhorn character and the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter sets. Place your pre-orders here and grab the discounted miniatures and double loyalty points!
Edit: Looks like the Eisenhorn character is already sold out! 

Anybody familiar with the lore and background of 40K will know that Eisenhorn is an eagerly awaited model. Already immortalized in multiple tales of the grimdark, here strides the hero once more, now in model form. Multi-part resin kit, a miniature version of one of Black Library’s most popular characters.  Contains a datasheet in the box, so can be used in games of Warhammer 40,000. 

Make sure to use our exclusive Wargame News and Terrain code TIM940 for double loyality points when ordering at Element Games. Buy your miniatures at a discount and with double loyalty points! Thanks for reading Wargame News and Terrain, the daily wargame news blog.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Vexillia: Stock Sale - UK Mirliton Distribution Announcement

Vexillia: Effective immediately. It is with regret that I announce the end of Vexillia's partnership with Mirliton SG of Italy. This is a sad occasion. We first ordered from Mirliton in 2002 and the arrangement has been mutually profitable for nearly 16 years.  Times change however and we could not agree mutually beneficial terms to extend our UK distributorship deal.

We will be selling off our existing UK stock over the coming months.  Our last order from Mirliton arrived just before Christmas and at the moment we hold our usual extensive stocks of the 15 mm ranges, and the 25 mm weapons & spares. We expect sales to be brisk once news spreads so don't put off placing an order.  To help customers check stock levels before ordering all Mirliton shop pages now have links to an online stock list. Codes that go out of stock will be removed from the online shop as soon as possible. Check the webstore here

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Puppetswar: New Arctic Troopers Released

Puppetswar released these cool Arctic Troopers.

Alternative Armies: Two Free USEME Scenario and Mini-Game

Alternative Armies: Two more free scenarios (one is a mini-game) for USEME Modern Warfare and for 15mm Science Fiction from Vic Dobson. Click through to download scenarios 21 and 22 which are Puff the Magic Dragon (mega tank on its way back to the front lines) and Boojum and Snark (Alien swamp creatures attack!) and to read more about them. Our thanks to Vic and remember to visit the USEME page on the Alternative Armies website for all the other free materials. Have a great day! GBS

Heroic Maps: New Temple of Love Scenery Map Released

Heroic Maps: Long ago this temple was resplendent in it's finery, and tended by a group of priests and priestesses. The spring that wells up here was known for the effect it had on people, and it wasn't long before it was worshipped, and then became the home of a goddess of love. Centuries past, and the temple fell to ruin, but the potent magic remains. At night the water glows with positive and beautiful energies, and fairies and other fey creatures gather from miles around..

The Temple of Love is a printable battemap compatible with any RPG game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset. The Temple of Love is a day & night set, comprising of 2 30x30 battlemaps. The daytime map features a large Greek-style temple in the woods, with crumbled and broken statues and columns. Moss and plants have begun to encroach over the fallen temple, and flowers adorn the clearing. A pool at the centre, fed by the spring, overflows where falling stones have smashed the retaining wall, and the clear water flows across the area.  At night the water and temple are awash with magical energy, and glow pink and blue. Fairies and sprites gather around, drawn by the magic of love. Grab this new Temple of Love map here

Miniaturas Ezipion: New Roman Legion Style - Tyrana Mountains Orcs Kickstarter Launched and Funded

Miniaturas Ezipion: Tyrana Mountains Orcos is a collection with a unique personality for all your games. These orcs can not be found in you local store. The Orcs of the Tyrana Mountains have been elaborated according to current quality standards but without forgetting the classic flavor with which many of us grew up in the decade of the 90's. Check the Kickstarter here

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Warlord Games: Happy Valentine's Day! Three for Two Offer

Warlord Games launched their Three of Two - Happy Valentine's Day! Sale On selected items in the Russian range for Bolt Action and Napoleonic's this Valentines!

Breaking! Knight Models: Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Kickstarter Inbound - See Pictures of Wizards, Trolls and The Mighty Basilisk!

Knight Models announced that they will be launching their long-awaited official Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Kickstarter on the 14th of March!

Knight Models is proud to present the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. This brand new board game allows players to immerse themselves in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World like never before.  In this game, each player takes control of a group of witches and wizards from the Harry Potter cinematic saga, each represented by a finely detailed resin miniature, sculpted to exacting detail in collaboration with Warner Bros. Each 35mm miniature is produced in high quality resin, making it ideal for collectors, painters and gamers alike. 

During the game, players must outmanoeuvre their opponents across beautifully illustrated game boards representing many of the iconic locations from the Wizarding World, such as Hogwarts, the Chamber of Secrets, and the Forbidden Forest. Players must explore these environments, resolving Challenges and Quests in order to secure victory. 

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game gives players complete freedom to form their own group of witches and wizards. Players can collect their favourite models, and equip them with Potion and Artefact cards and, of course, a dizzying array of Spells. The variety of options at your disposal means no two games are the same. The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is easy to learn and fun to play. Its free-flowing, dynamic gameplay means you’ll want to return again and again to unleash new characters and abilities, and perfect your tactics. 

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is coming to Kickstarter on March 14th 2018. Knight Models invites you to join us in this magical adventure… On February 27th we will update Knight Models' website, adding the new Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game site, where you will find amazing content, videos, news and updates about the Kickstarter campaign! Stay tuned to Knight Models social media for more information.

Alternative Armies: Flintloque Grand Howitzers and Dead Rams

Alternative Armies: Bringing the Boom!  Four new releases from Alternative Armies in 28mm scale.  Three versions of a black powder era grand howitzer (Alliance, Ferach, Witchlands) and a casualty pack of Dead Riding Rams for use in Joccian and Hob Goblin forces.  Fantasy or Historical use.  Click through for more to read and see.  Thanks. GBS

GCT Studios: New Bushido - The Risen Undead Inbound

GCT Studios: Dark forces are amassing. The armies of the living are fractured and torn by infighting amongst the different clans and factions of the Jwar Islands. The Risen are coming.

Privateer Press: Warmachine Skarre Admiral of the Black Fleet

Privateer Press: Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet is our most ambitious Warcaster to date! Pre-order yours today here

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Warlord Games: New Plastic Farm Animals Previewed

Warlord Games: The farmyard animal sprues will cost £8 per sprue however you can get 2 for £15! Information on when you can order them is imminent! 

The Ion Age: New Cheaper 15mm Adder Combat Cars Return!

The Ion Age: New improved production means the popular 15mm scale Adder Combat Car in all six of its variants have now returned to The Ion Age at a lower price. Excellent. A light wheeled vehicle for your troops in any setting including Patrol Angis. 45mm long when assembled. Remember you get Reward Points with all orders and if you select to purchase three of a code you get 10% off the regular price. Click through to see more Our main new release for the month is next week...howling at the moon! Thanks for your support as always. GBS

Conqueror Models: New Fantasy Dwarf Command, Stout Warriors and Dwarf Golem

Conqueror Models released these new 28mm Dwarves! We have reviewed the previously released Dwarf miniatures here so make sure to check our illustrated review as it also contains useful scale comparison pictures with other popular miniature brands.